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About QuickQuiz Slack App

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QuickQuiz allows you to build and deploy quizzes to your team via Slack. These quizzes can be used to reinforce and confirm knowledge on product, policies, technology, company direction, market trends, etc.


Click on the "Add to Slack" button in the banner and follow the instructions to add QuickQuiz to your Slack team. 


More instructions can be found on our Help Desk. If our Help Desk article don't answer your questions, please contact support@knowledgeanywhere.com with any questions.

An administrator can:

  • Build a new quiz in a few minutes
  • Assign users and channels to a quiz
  • Have flexibility in the number of answer choices
  • Get a list of user results for quizzes they create
  • (New feature!) Set pass/fail percentages for quizzes 
  • (New feature!) Toggle quiz completion notifications

A user can:

  • Answer quiz questions in Slack
  • Receive private results
  • Get instant feedback on the correctness of their answers
  • Get a summary of results
  • Get a notification if there are quizzes assigned to them
  • Take your quiz on mobile devices

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Creating a QuickQuiz

Making a quiz is fast and easy.

Completing a QuickQuiz

Taking a quiz is simple and straight forward.

QuickQuiz Tutorial Video 

Click below to see QuickQuiz in action and learn how to create and assign a quiz. 



A list of Slack commands for QuickQuiz. 


/quiz start
Starts the first quiz assigned to you
/quiz start "[quiz name]"
Starts a specific quiz if it is assigned to you
/quiz assign [quiz name] @[username]
Assigns provided quiz to user
/quiz assign [quiz name] #[channel] 
Assigns provided quiz to a channel
/quiz help
Lists the possible /quiz commands
/quiz create
Starts quiz creation prompt
/quiz results "[quiz name]" 
Gives scores of all users that have completed the provided quiz
/quiz list assigned
Gives a list of all quizzes that are assigned to you
/quiz list created
Gives a list of all quizzes that you have created
/quiz cancel
Cancels that creation of a quiz
/quiz notify "[quiz name]"
Toggles quiz completion notifications

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